The modern corporation was created over four hundred years ago. 
Isn't it time for a new way of thinking?  

Digital technology is giving organizations powers once reserved for nations.

Digital platforms can create markets. 
Social media can create community.
Blockchain can create currency.  

You aren't limited anymore to operating in the economy. 
You have the power to be your own economy.

Economies are systems of trusted exchange based on markets, communities and currencies.


Micronomy is a collaborative network of innovators and thought leaders rethinking organizations as micro-economies.  

  • Platforms and markets that generate network effects for exponential growth

  • Communities that mobilize employees, partners and customers around a shared purpose

  • Currencies that exchange value, build connections, and incentivize behavior

  • Cultures that generate trust, distribute governance and empower decision-making 


Micronomy™ was founded by Mark Bonchek, the CEO (Chief Epiphany Officer) of Shift Thinking

Mark has been a pioneer on the digital frontier for over twenty years.  In 1997 he received the first PhD from Harvard University on the political economy of digital media.  He has since consulted to some of the most influential and innovative companies in the world.  He is a regular contributor to Harvard Business Review and a member of the faculty of Singularity University.  




Founder and CEO
The Harris Agency

Peter has 25 years in reputation management and is an expert in how to build trust, craft narratives, and engage stakeholders.  He is the former CEO of the public relations firm Grayling US.  His current practice specializes in B2B strategies, technology-based business models and cryptocurrencies/initial coin offerings (ICO).



Founder and CEO

MJ is a cyborg anthropologist who helps organizations bring the future closer.  He helps organizations create cultures of innovation, design digital platforms, and improve team performance.  He has designed micropayment systems, automobility strategies, and data ethics policies for some of the leading companies in the world.  



Human Networks
Sparks & Honey

Annalie is a serial innovator with a track record of driving transformative change across continents, industries and cultures. An Aspen Institute First Movers Fellow, she uses system thinking, social architecture and network design to accelerate connections and achieve breakthrough results. 


charlie brown.jpg

Founder and CEO
Context Partners

Charlie Brown is an expert at community design and stakeholder engagement, helping organizations build more networked business models. Previously, Charlie was executive director of Ashoka Change Makers, where he built an online community of 100,000 social innovators from 125 countries.



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